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Friday, April 25, 2008

Rubbish! I have not starved myself

Kareena Kapoor's next release is Yashraj Films' Tashan this week. "We've all worked really hard on the film. Let's hope it works. After Jab We Met another hit wouldn't hurt."

After Omkara Kareena is looking forward to another film with Saif after Omkara and Tashan.

"We're doing Renzil d'Silva's film together. But it's very important to keep the personal and professional apart," she says with a new-found wisdom. "Both Saif and I need to concentrate on our individial careers. No marriage for me for the next five years."

She also cuts down any speculation regarding her sister Karisma's comeback. "Where she will work? All her attention is taken up in looking after her daughter Samaira.

My niece is the apple of everyone's eyes at home…Come to think of it, the letter 's' has always been important in my life," she laughs, referring not just to her niece Samaira but also to Shahid and Saif.

Saif was recently in Bangkok shooting an ad with Priyanka Chopra.

Kareena who's known to be possessive about her loved ones was blissfully at peace with herself.

"I've never been more comfortable in my space. And when I read stories about me I can't recognize myself," Kareena sighs.

It hard for us to recognize the new ultra-svelte Kareena. Post-Jab We Met she has lost so much weight there is a ceaseless spurt of speculative stories about her weight-loss.

"People are saying I want to be like Victoria Beckham. I think the talk started when Saif got himself tattooed with my name. David had done the same for Victoria.

So…But honestly, I'm proud of my sculpted body. It's a look that I needed for my new film Tashan. But I haven't starved myself to look the way I'm looking these days. Why should I want to be like anyone else?

I've done nothing drastic to myself. I do yoga religiously. And I'm eating like any healthy girl, thank you."

She faints with amusement at anorexic stories about her. "It was written that I fainted on the sets because I've become weak. Utter rubbish! Kuch bhi likh dete hain. Have these people seen me in person?

I look no different from the way I looked earlier.I guess I'm just happy in life, and that shows. I haven't lost weight. I've just toned my physique, and that too for a role. "

If Kareena is glowing, it isn't just love. "I've right now entered the best phase of my career. Jab We Met has for sure been a turning point."

Her desire to pair with Aamir is fulfilled. "It was a dream to work with Aamir. We recently came close to working together in two films (Vishal Bhardwaj's Mr Mehta And Mrs Singh and Mani Rathnam's Lajjo).

It's finally happening. As for Rensil's film it's a stunning script. I'm doing something in it I've never done before"

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