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Katrina Kaif sister has come into Bollywood RACEIsabel, a young starlet from the United Kingdom, is bent upon gatecrashing into Bollywood. But why is Salman Khan equally bent upon helping her out? It would be natural for anyone maybe, not only for Salman, to play godfather to a sexy young thing especially if she has a striking resemblance to his steady Katrina (remember how he cast Sneha Ullal, an Aishwarya Rai look-alike, in Lucky?). What's more, Isabel even shares Katrina's surname, Kaif! Well, she would share the surname, but not Katrina's boyfriend Salman. That's bvecause she is one of the seven Kaif sisters, and Katrina happens to be one of them READ MORE

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Katrina Kaif all set to give Ash a run for her money

Katrina Kaif is riding high on her career as she has more than ten big projects, but one movie she is sure excited about is Vipul Shah’s ‘Namaste London’ and if you wondering what’s so special about this movie; well, the director was planning to cast Ash as the leading lady, but decided to opt for Katrina instead.

Katrina is currently shooting in London and loves every bit of it as she is not only spending time with her family in her home town, but she is also the tour guide to Vipul and is taking him to her favorite places in the city. Adding ‘Namaste London’ to her kitty is a big feat for Sallu’s Kat, who we guess is meowing Ash away for now.

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