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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hrithik turns item boy with 'Krazzy 4'

Hrithik, who has just returned from two weeks in Singapore, now leaves for Australia for further recuperation. He will return to perform an intricate item number for "Krazzy 4". To be directed by Raja Sen, the film is a comedy and stars Arshad Warsi, Irrfan Khan, Suresh Menon and Rajpal Yadav.

"Well, people always wondered how I could make a film without Hrithik. So here he is, all set to do his career's first item song," Rakesh Roshan told IANS.

"My brother Rajesh Roshan has already recorded the song and I'm putting up an elaborate set for the song to be shot in March 2008. However, let me warn Hrithik's fans, if I feel his knee is not up to it, I won't shoot the song," added the concerned father.

In fact, senior Roshan too has decided to take a long sabbatical from direction. But hold on. He is producing a film that is to start in July 2008 and will feature Hrithik in a never-before avatar.

"It's an action thriller with a strong love story at its heart. Anurag Basu, whom both me and Hrithik think very highly of, is directing the film for us," revealed Rakesh.

It's been a time of turmoil for Hrithik. A troublesome injury finally decided to act up seriously.

"The doctors told him he needed to rest the knee completely, and I mean completely; otherwise it would give way. The injury got aggravated from all the stunts in his recent films, including 'Krrish'.

"It got to a point where his knee gave way completely. The doctors said he had to take complete rest for two months or face the consequences," said Rakesh explaining the problem.

The year 2007 has been a quiet year for Rakesh as a director.

"And so it will remain in 2008. I'm not directing any film. As I said Anurag Basu will direct my son in our next production. I've spent 40 years in the movie business and enjoyed every second of it, but now I need to devote time to my family, and to myself.

"I want to watch my grandson grow up. My hands are as full with production work as I want it to be."

He promises "Krazzy 4" will be unlike the avalanche of comedies that have hit us in recent times.

"It's a funny film. But it's neither slapstick nor vulgar. Very frankly, I am very confused by the kind of films that are doing well. Audiences don't want us to make anything that pushes the envelope. I'd rather not direct films than make the kind of films that click these days."

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